Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl 4th Qtr Commercials

Bridgestone "Beaver" - Win. Big win.

Go Daddy "Contractual Obligations" - I refuse to go to their site just on general principles. Scroo 'em.

VW - "Beetle" - Fun concept.

Mercedes "Welcome to the Family" - Why bother?

Fox "House" Mean Joe Green Parody- Awesome

Chevy "Camaro commercial concept" - Like... But I still won't buy one

Movie: Limitless - Wait for it on Netflix.

Sketchers Shoes "KimK" - Anything with any Kardashian is an automatic Fail.

Fox Series: Terranova - Looks good, but Fox will screw it up...

E*trade - "Peppers" - Funny, but I don't get it...

Fox Series: Justified - "What's he doing with his other hand?" Very nice.

Movie: Mars Needs Moms - Interesting, but I won't see it until 2015. On TBS.

Wendy's - "What's that taste like?" - Funny...

Acura - Who cares.

That's pretty much it...


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sugarpooh said...

Agree on "Justified". That's one of several fantastic shows on FX. I don't really know why that one in particular doesn't get much play in the media like Rescue Me or the dirty cop one, whatever it was called.