Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl 3rd Qtr.

More commercials... "Poison taster" - It was a stretch. Not especially amusing.

E*trade "Enzo" - Funny, especially the end.

Best Buy - Ozzy & Bieber -
"What's a Bieber?"
"Looks like a girl."
Uh... WTF?

Pirates of the Caribbean - Wow... Zombies & Mermaids?! Must see!

Mini Cooper "Cram it in the boot" - Nice. "Test Baby" - Yikes That was too real.

Groupon "Tibet" - Why bother.

Coke "Line in the Sand" - Pretty good.

Stella Artois "Torchsinger" - Nicely done.

CarMax "Full Service" - Pointless, but funny.

Chrysler "Detroit" - Utter bullshit. And WTF is up with Eminem in 2 commercials?

NFL "Superbowl Best fans - TV Tribute" - Cute.

One Qtr to go.


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