Sunday, February 06, 2011

Halftime Review


Game reset- uninspired.

"Sounds of the game" sucked. "Will.I.Am" - Why bother.

Halftime show - Nice tech,
Good tunes... I liked the Misirlou sample.
But I can't stand Usher, though.
TWWKMT liked Slash with "Sweet child of mine".

Overall, good show, if you like that sort of thing.

(Edit: except for the tech malfunctions like the audio screwups, the unlit stage, and the random costume light failures. - H/T to BiF)

Hardees "Are these all your friends?" - Yikes!

NASCAR "He's a fan." so-so...

More and more...



Midwest Chick said...

Groupon commercial: crass as hell. "The Tibetan culture is in trouble but with groupon I can get discounts at Tibetan restaurants." OMG... Timothy Hutton has really no sense of decency.

BiF said...

Dude, really? Halftime show had FAIL written all over it. Yes, nice tech except for audio. Slash was the only good part. Fergie trying to be Axl just didn't work.