Sunday, January 16, 2011

Webcam Back On-Line!

Y'all might remember the Webcam from Beijing, Torino,
Athens, Stockholm or any of the other places I had it running...

Finally got it back on-line...

Take a peek, you never know where it might be pointing-

(Click for live cam)



sugarpooh said...

As a fledgling constant reader I must ask; Is this legit or are the more seasoned CR's sitting back and chuckling at others (like me) at the hilarious joke in a context only they would understand?

The Big Guy said...

Based on the 1 email, 1 text and your comment that I have so far received...I guess I better explain.

Quite often, usually in the case of a large event that has voyeuristic entertainment potential, I'll run a webcam...
Olympics, international Basketball games, Premiere Hockey, China, Goodwill Games Etc...anything that might get interesting.

When I do, I throw the 'cam up and shoot the scene.
Sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it's just an empty office for hours on-end.

In this particular case I found a creepy little GIF file and thought I throw it up on the 'blog and see if anyone actually looked at it, and more importantly, had the cojones to call me on it.

Interestingly- I did get a couple folks that bit- as I said one text, and one email, and your thrice-blessed comment- thanks for making this all worth while.

Thanks for looking in- and even better, dropping a line.


Luc said...

Thanks Big Mike for having the guts to chime in. I also thought it was some clever joke that I just didn't get and I was too "proud" to call TBG on it.

The Big Guy said...

(Welcome back Luc...)

But... Did the pic creep you out?


Luc said...

Yup. Very.