Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 In Review : TLDR?

2010 was a relatively good year.
My year started out in Boston with the Winter Classic in Fenway, working with the the NHL and later met some great folks at a Blogmeet.
I spent a large amount of time in Vancouver with some great co-workers at the Olympics...
In March we got a chance to try out our roasting skills by cooking a whole pig in a Caja China, a marvelous way to cook pork for a crowd.

We began to see where the whole Anthropomorphic Climate Change proponents and the IPCC cooked their results and colluded to sell the general public a bill of goods that would ultimately cost nations and businesses billions of dollars... The Public has finally begun to wake up and smell the coffee regarding the Man-Made Climate Change Agenda, and they see that is is a pile of shit too...
Yeah- the wheels are falling off that gravy train pretty quickly.

I was up at the Masters for another Tournament this year- My 12th year working there... This year the pollen was worse than normal...
Musta been all the Global Warmening...

All year long I have been getting quite a bit of Recoil Therapy since I joined the range at the SSSA... Great folks to shoot with and the range is a joy to shoot at.

Travel is always a big part of my life-I've already mentioned Vancouver, but I also made it to the NBA finals for a couple days, several working trips to New York, a trip to Madrid (my first time there) and Greece with my friend and NBA Statistician extraordinaire Pat Gehm.
I got to make several road trips this year- Jax to Texas and back, an aborted trip to California and a return trip to New York that was a comedy of errors. "You're jus' a leeeeetle overweight." was an understatement- I was over by 3000 lbs... And a couple trips (Barclays and Deutchebank) from the Northeast back down to Florida to help out with the events equipment distribution.
I also did my yearly sojourn to Shanghai and I worked in the new Consol Energy center in Pittsburgh, then came back for a site survey for the Winter Classic via a snowstorm in December, So I have had a good amount of Pittsburgh time this year...

Jingalls and I made it down to the Keys for some lobster diving this past summer, and right on the heels of that trip I got involved with some new technology testing for the NHL draft, spending some time in LA for that test.

From a family standpoint it been pretty good- The Perfect Child is a senior this year; When TWWKMT & I got married, her nephew Chip was in our wedding. This year, Chip got married and the PC was a bridesmaid in his wedding... What goes around comes around, eh?
(The wedding weekend was memorable for other events too, especially for a one guest who- how shall we say - over-imbibed?
We shall let that episode remain shrouded in mystery... Heh.)

We had some close brushes in Jacksonville by some tropical storms this year- Earl and Danielle threatened to make life interesting, but they never actually got close enough to do too much damage. They did make the local surfers happy though...

I took on a semi-co-blogger for, the wife of a friend up in Franklin MA who volunteered to fill in for me while I was MIA in October and scared the crap out of the PC and other Constant Readers with her posts... Proxi has continued to post sporadically, and refuses to use any restraint or taste in some of her posts. Be careful when you read her stuff- it might require mind-bleach.

Jingalls and I made it out for some hog hunting this year too- Neither of us got one, but Chief Propeller Head MitchM did bag one, and we promptly cooked it up in the Caja China- mmmmm. Tasty! We have plans for more hog hunting come February.

Relationships are all going well- Bozie and Koa are still enjoying their morning romp, The PC and Boyfriend are doing well, even with the spectre of his enlistment in the Navy looming over them. A final milestone for us this year- The Woman Who Knows Most Things and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary in December. Or as TWWKMT opines "Seven happy years!"
Wait, what?

There were some rough spots this year too...

On March 21st, the Obama Administration passed sweeping healthcare reform. It was promised that we could keep our existing insurance if we wanted to, and that it would bring costs down and improve services, it has since been shown to be a complete crock of shit that will be so expensive and so invasive that it will be an anchor weighing down out entire healthcare system and will drive our medical programs into becoming a government-run nightmare monopoly.

The BP oil spill was a nightmare for many concerned parties, and a boon and blessing for many others. Fishermen, tourist sites and the residents of the Gulf coast (including the critters that live therein) go the short end of the stick. Scammers and the Obama Administration took every advantage of the crisis to advance their own purposes... The Gummint got to go through a huge amount of command and control theatrics and wring billions out of BP "for the victims" then wound up lining the pockets of cronies and co-conspirators. Scammers and crooks that learned their trade through the Katrina aftermath on how to siphon money from the Gummint got to make another killing, capitalizing on the crisis, just like the Community Organizer in Chief taught them.

On a more personal note, my car was once again burgled and I lost 3 firearms, a .40, a .22 rifle and a 9mm, which has me developing a silent alarm for the driveway. The trick is NOT having it go off when a raccoon or a possum wanders up the driveway.

The TSA has made my life extra-miserable, I got Backscatter scanning AND a rather intimate patdown in 6 of 8 flights this fall, since they started their new "Piss Off America" imitative. Makes me want to drive everywhere I go...I wonder if Avis would mind if I drove one of their rentals to Beijing?

We did experience the loss of a beloved family member this year- Our Dalmatian, Maggie Mae, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this summer- No doubt she's found some sunny space that she can run and play, and some big shady trees to rest under. She took good care of us for 14 years, and she earned her place in the sun...

Next Steps-

2011 promises to be a doozy-

The PC will be off to college this summer, and it looks like I'll have a full slate of events to work on though the year.
We'll make time for more hunting, diving, lobstering, recoil therapy and experimenting in the kitchen...

Stay tuned for another year of fun here at 


Luc said...

Congratulations on your 20 years together. The woman is a saint.

Bug said...

She must have the patience of Job, and is either blind or just likes Ugly.

Kidding of course... Congrats !!!! that is indeed a helluva milestone.