Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starbux Monologues - Part V

Let me preface this by saying, yes, I am a sexist pig.
Save the hatemail for someone who deserves it; Your congressman, perhaps.

One thing we remarked on was the concept of GFA-FFG (good from afar, far from good)
in regards to the visage of some of the women that were on parade...
(a/k/a - a fifty-pacer)
Apparently I am corrupting the rock-solid PatG, since he's not acquainted with the GFAFFG concept, nor the term "butterface" or Fifty-Pacer.

As it applies in this case, there seem to be more of these in Greece than in Spain.

Form the attitude and carriage of the women in Spain, they all believe that they are "10"s, and nothing you can say will convince them otherwise.
(Uncle Jay's [Sexist PigTM] rule of thumb: No matter how physically attractive a woman is, no matter how alluringly attired, no woman rates more than an "8"... The last 2 points are based on intangibles like intelligence, humor, and other considerations.)
Regardless of reality, there is a self-assured attitude of arrogance on the part of most of the women we ogled leered after saw, and in some cases it was warranted, but in most cases, alas, it was disappointing when they got closer.
I do have to grant that one has to work with what one has, and that a "4" that has a well-formed rack and is wearing a paper-thin skin-tight white tanktop and no bra is doing her best to compensate...
You overlook the hook nose, hillbilly teeth and the complexion that resembles 5 miles of bad road in Georgia.
At least until she gets closer.

(Again, yes, I know, I'm a pig. Fortunately, I'm never running for Public Office.)

Sorry, no pics. Get over it.



Scott McCray said...

Did any of the gals have "Summer Teeth"?

Borepatch said...

This is the best thing I've read today.

The Big Guy said...

The old "some are here, some are not"? Yep.
"Some are gray, some are yellow"?

We had both kinds... Country and Western.

BP: Thanks- A higher compliment I cannot fathom.



TOTWTYTR said...

What a friend of mine calls a "Butter Face". Everything on her looks great, but her face.

Or, as a car loving buddy says, She's like a 20-20 car. Looks great from 20 feet away, doing 20 mph. Closer or slower, not so much.