Monday, August 16, 2010

Insult to Injury

Dear Continental,
This is complete and utter bullshit.
First, we have to fly in these commuter jets, which are just glorified toothpaste tubes with wings.
And since the friggin' plane is so small, I have to gate check my carry-on bag, further damaging my psyche.
To cap it off, the flight attendant re-assigned my seat (A4, up in front) to someone else.
"If you don't mind, would you sit back in A17?"
Let's see, pitch a fit and look like a jerk, or sit in the next-to-last seat in the plane?

I doubt that the 5'1" FA would get it, but I have to damn-near crawl down the aisle of the Embraer 145, spending 2+ hours with my size 13 ass in a size 10 seat, then waiting for the entire plane to unload before I can crawl out and straighten back up... Well, it damages my calm.

An extremely nasty letter is forthcoming.



BiF said...

Yeah that Continental toothpaste tube was awesome last night with the no bullshit flight attendant I had. He went to every, and I mean every, persons seat and pushed on the back to make sure the seat was upright for landing.

Cockroach said...

First you didn't show the idjit asking about the Blackwater shirt the bottom of your foot as it crushed his head, and now letting some fuck ass flight attendant push you to the back of the bus without even a wincing eye of thought.
You are soft!
I don't even know you anymore.

The Big Guy said...

Roach: Regarding Abdul Hassan, again, you have to weigh the options-
Momentary pleasure of a righteous ass-kicking, versus a delay in the project and possible legal sanctions.

If I'm on my own dime, doing my own thing, Shit's On, baby.
If there's work to do (or in the case of the Seat Change, or I'm enroute to a job or project) I have to forgo those little pleasures...

But in the case of the seat change, I'll get more mileage (heh) out of the letter I'm working on...

Ben: Yeah- but at least you were on the inbound home...
I'll put up with a good amount of shit if the finish line is in sight. Thanks for taking care of NYC for me...