Thursday, March 10, 2016

Morons with Too Much Money

Just a couple notes regarding Trump-brand crap...

1.  Why the hell would anyone buy anything with a Trump logo?
Trump wine?
Trump magazine?
Trump steaks?

Are you kidding?

Would you buy a steak from this grinning idiot?

2.  If you had the bad sense to buy/invest in anything Trump-centric, you really should not complain*. You know the guy is a 100% self-centered charlatan.** You bought that ticket,  you have to sit through that movie and shut the fuck up.

3.  The above comments are especially applicable to any student who shelled out a metric fuck-ton of money to garner a "degree" from Trump University.
What did you really expect,  an employer would see that TrumpU credential and think "Wow. That guy is an obvious intellect and knows how to make sound financial decisions. I'm gonna hire the shit outta that guy."?

We, collectively, are soooo fucked.


* I would be sofaking embarrassed about getting fucked out of my money by such outright false and dishonest means - But it's like that money-back guarantee on that ED non-drug Enzyte promoted by Smilin' Bob... They bank on the fact that you'd be too embarrassed to file for the refund.
And see what that got them...

**Obviously cut from the same cloth as our current POTUS.  If (Ghod help us) Trump is elected,  it will definitely be a case of Orange is the new Black.  [I hate that SNL came up with that...]


Old NFO said...

It's definitely getting strange out there!

kx59 said...

Trump has always struck me as a sleazy individual.
He managed to make the word "luxurious" sound greasy to me.