Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Last Friday - Southern Soul Style

Some pics from last Friday's trip to Southern Soul BBQ with Ben...

We made it to Southern Soul in a little under 90 minutes. Not bad considering I-95 traffic and 2-lane roads in South Georgia.

The line was pretty long, but it gave me time to resolve my dilemma - Prime Rib sandwich or the Prime Rib plate?
I opted for the sandwich AND a link of Andouille sausage... Next time I'll have the plate. It looked so good but I opted for variety without (too much) gluttony.

Normally there would be pictures, but we were so hungry that sustenance took presidence over web content.
Lunch was amazing. 
If you have the opportunity, go to Southern Soul on St. Simons Island.

We took Hwy 17 back rather than deal with I-95 again. A little more relaxed ride.
17 cuts through Glynn County down to Woodbine and Waverly GA then crosses the St. Mary River into Florida.
I felt the need to stop for a photo op near the old-style Florida sign.
All in all a very enjoyable trip...
I brought smoked turkey and chicken home for the girls, so a return trip is assured.
(As long as I remember to bring take-out home with me.)



libertyman said...

I have a picture of my Triumph TR3 in front of that sign when I drove there in 1968 from Massachusetts. Good to see it is still there!

Old NFO said...

Good grief... I drove by that sign in 1971 many a weekend!!!

Luc said...

I like those patrons who used their bicycle. They can burn off some excess calories on the way back home and feel less guilty about the gluttony.