Monday, December 15, 2014

Annnnd We're Off!

It's Yours Truly in a grudge match with United Airlines...

In this corner:
Standing 6'5" weighing in at a healthy 315lbs, the pissed off dinosaur.

In the opposite corner, United Airlines- a 3-hop 25-hour nightmare of cattle-class seats, projectile vomiting children, surly Flight Attendants, and disease-laden aircraft- arriving sometime Wednesday in scenic Sydney NewSouthWales- latest victim of jihadi terrorism.
Lovely. Just lovely.

(My life in Three Letter Acronyms...)

This is my third year working this event - missing out on my anniversary (24th this year), Christmas, New Years, & my Mom's birthday. Probably won't do it again next year. 
Let some dumb noob do it instead of me.
Hopefully I will survive unscathed this year.
We'll see how it goes. No bike rental this year, and I'm going to try to avoid shark attacks and rip currents this go-round. Australia is full of dangerous shit that will kill you-
No doubt I will find some trouble to get into.

Wish me luck...


Luc said...

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Best of luck to you. And if Australia tries to kill you, you kill it right back.

JC said...

You mean TLAs

The Big Guy said...

Thanks y'all...

(And yes, TLAs ;) )

Old NFO said...

Good luck/fly safe... We had 210-220 kt tail wind coming back... it's gonna be a LONG flight! If I were you I'd tell the company no upgrade no Jay on those overseas flights!