Friday, September 26, 2014

This is now going on a full year of travel issues-
Last year at this time there was a bomb scare at JAX that caused me to have to drive to Orlando in the middle of the night to catch my early-morning flight to Newark and on to China...

I had issues with that trip and the subsequent trips to Krasnodar, Sochi, Sydney, the second trip to Sochi, and the other trips all thought the year.

Really... Is it just me?
Or is it United Airlines and/or travel in general that is just getting worse and worse.

I'm going to ask American if they'll match my United status to convert all my travel over to them... I wonder if they'd go for it?

It can't be any worse.



rinfanti said...

Uncle Jay,

What not try to fly Delta out of Atlanta? Your connections will close to home and you can fly almost anywhere from Atlanta on Delta.

I think thee are 7 or 8 flights a day between ATL and JAX.

You will make status fairly quickly...

Old NFO said...

They will.

kx59 said...

Whoever is booking your flights should be stuffed into the overhead on a flight delayed and standing on the tarmac out of Phoenix in August, while the AC has failed.
That was me.
Well still.
They should.