Sunday, September 21, 2014

Notes from the Road - Phoenix

I was in Phoenix a while back... too damn busy to blog very much.
Just a few pics here and there on Instagram.

While we were there it was pretty nasty at one point...

We had a sandstorm come through one afternoon... Howling winds and a grit in the air that was all-permeating.

We took refuge in a local watering hole...
The Palomar Hotel has a breastaurant, the Tilted Kilt, as part of the complex.

There are a couple things about that place that I greatly admire...


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kx59 said...

The tap is obvious.
But, small breasted women?
Well, there is the absence of a muffin top, so that's something.

I experienced a MONSOON! in Phoenix once. Observed a Phoenix native freak out on a plane ready for take off.
Here, we call it rain.