Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OMFG-Dark-30 Ruminations

Flight time: 6:31a Sweet Jeebus, why did agree to this dog's breakfast?

After waking up every twenty minutes or so starting at 2:00am, at 3:40 I couldn't stand it any more.
I got up, showered, dressed and strapped my bag on my bike and headed for the airport.
I got about a mile then went back for a thicker jacket.
Ambient temp was 50, and considerably cooler in a t-shirt and a 70mph wind chill factor.

I got hit by a wave of aromatic nostalgia during my ride out to JAX...
As I crossed the Intercoastal Waterway there was a heavy scent of salt marsh in the air and the smell brought me memories of driving down US1 down in the Keys in the days of my sordid youth.
The smell of exposed salt flats and decaying seaweed always takes me back to those days where I spent my days diving and my nights swilling paint-thinner tequila and throwing up,
Good times.... Good times.
- - - - 
Chesapeake Energy Arena is in my crosshairs this morning...
The OKC Thunder are about to be eliminated fromthe playoffs and we'll be there to help drive the last few nails in the coffin.
One of these days arena personnel are going to start recognizing us as harbingers of doom and quit being so helpful when we come knocking.

But until then....

- - - - - 

Meanwhile... Can I interest you in some mockery?

- - - - - - - - 

(While deplaning in Atlanta)

I understand that you have been incommunicado for 45 minutes on our flight from JAX to ATL, but for cripes sake, can you either stay in your ferschlugginer seat and finish your text message, or wait until you get out to the concourse.
Because this "I'm going to block the entire jetway as I slowly try to walk and text at the same time" is going to get you a quick leg-sweep from that ogre behind you...


- - - - - - - - - -

Gotta say, the Chesapeake Energy Center is quite a nice arena...

- - - - - - - - - - 

TBG, in the press box.


Old NFO said...

You need to talk to your travel agent... Just sayin...

3boxesofbs said...

I 'accidentally' bump into some of the more obnoxious ones texting and walking like a turtle.

yeah, I'm a rude s.o.b. sue me for actually trying to get some place.