Friday, June 03, 2011

Get Me Outta Here

Josh Groban is taking over the HSBC Arena in Buffalo NY, where I have been holing up the past few day...
There goes the neighborhood. We're outta here- AMF!

By the time he takes the stage I will be have been groped by the TSA and had other violations executed upon my person... And will probably be sitting in the closest bar to my departure gate, drinking rum straight out of the bottle and fending off the beertender with a barstool and a whip fashioned out of UTP cable.
(Would that be a Cat5-o-nine tails?)


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Borepatch said...


The "glamor" or air travel. I remember a "gourmet dinner" in the Lufthansa Senator lounge. Actually, the wurst and beer was pretty good, but it's not what people used to think.