Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Thing To Think About During TSA Interactions

I'm not-necessarily an Alinsky-style 'Rules for Radicals' kinda guy, but it doesn't hurt to remind the TSA Officers about their own procedures and why they are there.

You'll see most of the TSOs are wearing rubber gloves for their protection and yours (in theory)-
HOWEVER- the implication is that after they've pawed through the guy in front of you's dirty underwear in his carry-on or whatever, BEFORE they touch your carry on bag, they better be changing their gloves.
If they don't, I'd bitch long, loud and fill out a complaint form at the airport and fill out the form at .
It's been my experience that they don't change gloves often enough...

Same thing with the Grope-Fest over at the Rapid-Scan 1000 Porn-o-Scope...
New gloves for every person they touch.

You wouldn't let a doctor or nurse examine you with gloves they used with their last patient, why should it be different at this venue?

Just saying...



mellowpop said...

I guess, doing a thing wrong for a long period of time gives it the superficial appearance of being right...??

Bug said...

Never confuse 'hassle' with 'security'. It may make people feel good knowing that TSA is searching everybody's carry ons, purses, etc. But the real question is, do they have any idea what they are searching for? Would they know an explosive device if it jumped up and bit them or if it was labeled "Explosive !! " ...probably not considering most of them have no background and very little training. So the reality is that they are only there for appearance.

Remember where TSA came from.. "You don't professionalize unless you federalize" ..yeah, please... FedEx is professional, The post office is federal.