Thursday, November 04, 2010

Are They Listening?

From Town

Removing the snake from the garden with a stick was a rejection of the snake, but should not be seen as particularly an endorsement of the stick -- except as the closest available tool with which to eject the snake. The stick should not be seen as a substitute snake.

That was the tone after the election in which there was a general agreement that the election was a broad and deep repudiation of the president's policies and administration, while also not being an endorsement of the GOP.

One hopes that incumbents that were not up for re-election and the crop of newly-elected or re-elected officials are taking the hint.

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Bug said...

That is an excellant description of the situation. I sure hope they get the message, but regretfully I am not optimistic.

I'm tired of voting AGAINST, I'd much rather be voting FOR.