Saturday, May 29, 2010

Southern Security

Wanna know why there were no looters in Nashville after the recent floods?

Because our Community Organizers know what the hell they are doing.

Think you could get away with this in Chicago, New York or San Francisco?



T-Rav said...

Think you could get away with it in Ponte Vedra? I don't think so. Perhaps the west side would be more understanding.

Anonymous said...

PVB has the hired help shoot for them.... The Westsiders are too busy working on their pick'em'up the Northsiders and 'dem Oceanway boys.....yeh man, 'dey gonna mess yew up good....REAL good!

Don't mess wit 'da Nort'side now, ya'hear?!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's ONE way of taking care of the problem....