Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"You're getting boring."

A Constant Reader just took me to task.

AG: "You're getting a little boring... You keep beating up on Obama.
He hasn't even done anything yet."

Yours Truly: "That's my point. He hasn't done anything yet."

And then we discussed the list of crap they are honoring BamBam with, even though he hasn't actually done anything of note so far...
I won't bore you with the actual play-by-play.

AG: "But that's what I mean... That's all you ever talk about any more. Where is the humor? Where is the fun stuff? How about the Hooters Girls and the funny menu items?"


Ok. Point taken. More fun stuff. Less Urkel-Bashing.
Bring on the obscene youtube clips, graffiti murals, French postcards, Columbian neckties, filthy needlepoint samplers, stained-glass hard-core porn windows, and nuns with tattoos.

In the meantime I'm going to TRY to quit beating the dead horse, but then there is a reality check:
Hanging in my office is a flag from the Athens Olympics Games in 2004 with a quote from my man TJ Kudalis scrawled at the bottom of it...
"I ain't never seen a dead horse that didn't need another kick or two."

Well... It's not really a resolution. But I'll try.


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