Saturday, September 06, 2008

So difficult...

A while back I resolved not to proselytize my position on glow-bull warmening or politics.
Other people are doing it, and quite a few of them are doing a better job than I ever could.
(For instance MM, HotAir, PajamasMedia, DBD, ConservativeGrapevine)
So... No politics, no matter how stupid B. Hussein Oh-baMessiah and the Damn-o-crats are... And no more railing against Al "Making Money Off Junk Science" Gore and his Band of Idiots.

You will not believe how hard it is not to deride them... Because they make it so very easy.

Let's talk about something else.
Let me check the Doorknob file...

Here's one. The file name is "tired-tired-tired.txt"
Just a list of words and phrases that are overused...
Things I'm really tired of hearing on a regular basis.
(Don't get me wrong- I'm guilty for using some of these, but lately I'm trying to avoid them because they are so overused.)
In many cases using some of these words and phrases is a way for people to try to sound more intelligent, when in reality they are just wasting syllables.
Example- A manager says to an employee:"I need you to be proactive, step up, and take ownership of this process." instead of saying "Do your job."

Here we go:
Abstinence education
Baby bump
Baby mama
Bling (when white news anchors are saying it without irony; it's over.)
Classic (especially if preceded by the word "instant" or "new")
Cougar (meaning a female over 35 who has a libido)
Crackberry - (I know, I know...)
Encore presentation
Epic (especially followed by "win" or "fail")
_____ epidemic (usually paired with "drug" or "obesity")
Faith-based initiative
For reals
Hells yeah or hella anything
Hit me up
I'm lovin' it
Intelligent design
Irregardless (get a dictionary, Dumbass.)
It is what it is (this one will make me see the RCOB and induce me to violence.)
Killer app
Lolz (or "lulz," or any word pluralized with a "z," for that matter.)
Man cave
Married (to an inanimate object or abstract idea: "I do like this look, but I'm not married to it.")
New media
Own (as in an idea, style, or plan: "Who's on this new media plan? Someone needs to own it!")
Owned (and/or pwned or pwnd or any other tense of the verb pwn used by Gamer Idjits.)
Post- (unless the suffix is "Raisin Bran," I don't want to hear your pseudo-intellectual lecture about it.)
Pre-owned or pre-loved ('s used, man.)
Product (only when used in the singular; "products" is OK)
Respect (as a salutation)
Sexy (when applied to inanimate objects, like iPhones or fonts)
Social networking
Step up
Stimulus package (unless it's part of a dick joke.)
Take ownership of
Teaching moment
The tipping point
Trust me on this (if you use this one I will NEVER trust you on anything.)
Unexpected error
Vaginal rejuvenation (yikes!)
You know what I'm sayin'? (or "ya feel me?" - only appropriate when you're naked.)

So, Constant Readers... do you have any additions?

TBG outz


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, [insert opinion here]

The Big Guy said...

Oooo... Yeah.
That's a keeper.

Luc said...

We have "issues". What's wrong with saying "problems" or "fu** ups"???

The Big Guy said...

Issues - Well... I use this quite a bit. I also embroider on that one by saying "Issues?- Hell, I have a whole subscription!"

But you are right.

Anonymous said...

religiosity - hearing it more and more in the news media.