Thursday, September 11, 2008

Know Your Friends

You have got to be kidding me.
The bastion of sanity on this issue in the Muslim world is the Palestinian territories?
And our wealthy, well educated Asian and European “allies” lag far behind Kenya and Nigeria?

And almost as disturbing:
What are people thinking of when they answer “Other.”

And finally-
Hey Mexico- What the Fuck?


Anonymous said...

Come on new guy! Nobody selected "Other." That is anyone they didn't choose to show. In an open-ended question, you get to select who you list as the culprit, so it could have been their neighbor Frankie for all we know. I have to wonder how much combining they did for the statistics - like taking each instance of George Bush specifically and lumping it with 'US Govm't' or combining answers of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saddam, Saudi, etc. into "Al Queda"...Statistics are fun!!

The Big Guy said...

Welcome to statistics-land.
Just shows to go ya, you can paint any picture you want with the right stats and interpretation.
(Mark Twain's "Lies, damn lies, and statistics", eh?)
I choose to interpret the "Other" category the same way you did, as someone who had an actual answer but it didn't fall into the A-Q, US or Israel categories...
"I think it was Greenpeace!" or maybe "Paris Hilton! She organized it!",
But think you're right about USGummint, Bush, Cheney, et al...

"DK"- I imagine that was a catch-all for anyone who shrugged their shoulders and didn't give an answer...
(For a moment I thought they meant David Kananen; he's huge in Indonesia. Heh.)