Friday, January 25, 2008

Stolen lines

I was chatting with an NHL guy while waiting for my car this morning.

NHL guy: "Hey- did you go out last night?"
Yours Truly: "STB, man."
NHL Guy: "STB?"
YT: "Straight To Bed"
NHL Guy "Ah got it. STB"

What I didn't tell him is that STB also stands for Straight To Bar, Straight To Beach or even Straight To Brothel.
This way I can be accurate in my comments, and they can infer that I'm boring and no fun and I won't garner an even worse reputation.
No matter how much I deserve it.

(This is not a TBG original.... I lifted it from Boundsie and Skippy, 2 Gearhouse Guys from Shanghai.)

TBG, Straight To Blog-

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