Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Questions, answers and comments

Augusta Edition
  1. No...I don't have any tickets.
  2. We're using {making quote motions with fingers a la Austin Powers} "lasers".
  3. No. No idea.
  4. Ok, yes then.
  5. If you don't charge your golf cart at night, you can't use it the next day. Q.E.D.
  6. We're not leaving the house. The traffic is too bad to go to dinner anywhere.
  7. No. I have not gone to the Hooters here in Augusta yet.
  8. I can't talk about it.
  9. No, really. I can't talk about it.
  10. Hole 3 to Security, we have a code 99. Oh, never mind.
  11. Oh no, not pimento cheese again...
  12. Hole 2 to Base... Where is the "stun" setting on this laser?
  13. What do you mean, you forgot your credential? It's easier to get in the White House without a credential than Augusta National.
  14. Hole 9, Hole 9... Where are you?
  15. Mark, can you check on hole 9?
  16. If I see one more pimento cheese sandwich....
  17. No problem Hole 17, I'll bring you your clipboard. And some ice for your eye.
  18. We have too many chiefs and not enough roosters. (Thanx Phil)
  19. If you're afraid of getting struck by lightning, I have some 1-irons that you can hold over your heads...
  20. There are no more. There won't be any more. Ever.
  21. We're screwed. (Athens legacy FGA)
  22. Can we get pizza delivered to hole 17?
  23. Hole 5 to base... We have to move the laser, again.
  24. Can you send this document by intercourse mail? Hmmm... That didn't sound right...
  25. We're getting our full 80% chance of rain for 60% of the day...

Famous, out-

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