Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DUI Sweep in Duval County this weekend...

I just got this e-mail...


I have it on good authority that JSO is importing DUI squads to Duval County this Friday to have a major enforcement action. Kindly share this with anyone who will be out and thinkin of drinkin.

Makes me want to go out driving and drinking...
Who wants to come run the video camera whilst the po-lice men
"Rodney King" me for DUI?
Even better- hang out for several hours at the Ritz, drinking nothing but
Red Bull, then "stagger" out to the car, making a big show of trying to
find the keys (dropping them several times) and finally start the car and
sit with it running for several minutes... Then slowly drive off.
When they finally pull me over, I'll tell them I was the designated decoy for the 8
people I was drinking with tonite... Heh.
I guess I'll still need someone to run the video camera.
Any volunteers?

Amazing out-

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