Thursday, July 14, 2016

Obama Prevarications

After listening to Obama preach at me during the Dallas memorial, and tonight's rehash of his bullshit, I went woolgathering a bit...

I'm kind of looking forward to Obama going full-on "War on Guns!"

Look what that did for access to every possible recreational chemical when the War on (some) Drugs started.

It's going to be interesting...



doubletrouble said...

Like this guy said,

So, why don't you just go ahead and give us a clear *start* date...
That would be greaaaat.

Angus McThag said...

The thing that lots and lots of gung-ho gun owners out there are going to have to wrap their heads around when the bans go live and the shooting starts is that it's not going to be the Army coming around to confiscate the guns. The Army comes later.

It will be Officer Friendly.

The kind of cop we've just spent a week calling a hero because someone murdered them.

People don't seem to make that connection at all.

Day one of a total gun ban and every single cop is going to be on the opposite side of the gun owner, who is by the way, now an ILLEGAL gun owner.

It'd be so much better for them to stop pushing gun control. Custer had better odds than the cops do.