Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Druthers: SOTU

Things I'd rather be doing than watching Obama give his last State of the Union address:

  • Root canal work by an unwashed Mumbai sewer worker using only a teaspoon and a dull icepick.
  • Crotch defoliation via highspeed belt sander followed by site irrigation with nitric acid.
  • Molten aluminum enema.
  • Chalazion removal and curettage on my eyelid using a tire iron & a 10-cent cigar.
  • Swim laps in a the sewage treatment tanks at the Mexico City leper hospital.

Really. Anything but listening to his narcissistic bleatings and petulant simpering.

TBG - still down under.


Old NFO said...

You didn't miss anything... Trust me...

Angus McThag said...

I was forbidden to watch because I have an Obama speech drinking game sheet here.

My wife said she'd refuse to call an ambulance for alcohol poisoning.