Monday, September 07, 2015

Kübler-Ross Would Be Appalled - The Five Stages of Blogging

5 stages- I haz it.
Especially after re-reading that last post. Gah.

Upon seeing or experiencing some inanity or stupidity, the thought of "I cannot believe the AssHattery I am seeing here."

"This shit is so FUBAR I must blog about it! To the Keyboard!"

After several hundred keystrokes, a handful of Google searches, a wiki-wander or three, missing out on going to lunch with the new receptionist, and a deadline looming for getting that new contract done and submitted- you make promises:
"Just 2 more paragraphs. And a link to that picture on
Then I'll get back to that proposal."

On first proofread:
"What the f... Did a third grader write this?
Nope- A third grader would have done a batter job.
Why do I even try? No one reads this shit anyway. Tam probably wrote about this weeks ago and probably did the job 10 times better."


Fuck it. (presses send)
Like I said- no one reads my shit anyway.
Who gives a shit. At least it's free ice cream.



Luc said...

For the record: I read everything you post and await eagerly every day for your nuggets of wisdom ... Ok sometimes not wisdom as per say per entertaining nevertheless. Please continue to share.

DoninSacto1 said...

Love free ice cream.

Dan said...

Love nuggets, too.

Old NFO said...


Borepatch said...

That's funny, right there