Sunday, August 16, 2015

Possibilities: Political Prediction from Uncle Jay

With all the coverage spinning up and the fallout from the Benghazi hearings, the classified info on her server, and lying about it, SS Hillary seems to be tanking fast.
I'm not a professional political pundit and have been known to be wrong occasionally, but I don't see her lasting too much longer.

I'm sure everyone's seen that Bubba and Obama spent the weekend together...
I'll bet there has been some pretty interesting off-course discussions, and probably some deal-making.

Hillary will withdraw for "health reasons", and Dirty Uncle Joe Biden will enter the race.
Once all the investigations have run their course, Hillary will get an executive pardon and a clean slate as a thank-you for putting Sheriff Joe in the Democratic Party's catbird seat.

Again, I might be wrong- but it sure seems like a distinct possibility.


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Old NFO said...

Or Michelle gets the nomination at the last minute... THAT is scary!