Friday, March 20, 2015

This Is Not The Time... Racial Lecturing @ Starbux

Starbucks "RaceTogether"

"It's 'MacchiAto', not 'MacchiatO'

Yeah, when I want to spend 4 bucks on a mediocre cup of joe, I go to Starbucks...

Now if one is so inclined, you get earful of entitled bohemian blathering at you about racial equity in addition to your overpriced java.

Entitled Bohemian Barista: "While (pick appropriate hipster name: Leonora, Asher, Sadie, Willa, Roscoe) makes your doubleshot, half-caf-half-soy skinny latte, would you like to chat about race relations?"

Yours Truly: "Well, if you want to.... Do you believe that Kanye West accurately reflects the black man's perspective and societal aspirations, especially when he tweets pictures of Kim Kardashian's gigantic ass?" 

Yeah, that's what I thought.
Shut your piehole and ring up the next pretentious asshole in line, princess.



kx59 said...

No worries for me. I'm a Community Coffee guy. Dark Roast.
also, I'm allergic to hipsters so I never set foot in a Starsucks.

Old NFO said...

I don't frequent Starbucks either. Too much $$ for lousy coffee. AND I sure as hell don't need the attitude either!