Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Current Events

So... the original plan for July was for Pete and I to take off on our motorcycles on July 1st for a one-month cross-country extravaganza, stopping (and trying to avoid arrest) in Biloxi, Baton Rouge, Austin, Taos, Las Vegas, San Diego, Ensenada, Nogales, Houston, New Orleans and then back home.

First, I had that little fairing-breaker at the end of June, then the kitchen remodel.

So instead of a relaxing trip with Pete,  I've been in Phoenix, Boston, Austin, and Durham NC...

On the whole, I have probably been fortunate that work-stuff has been cropping up.
(Except that my left leg looks like it fell into a wood chipper, but that's a different story.)
Not sure I wanted to traverse the desert on a motorcycle twice in one month. In July.
(I know, I'm a big pussy. Sue me.)

The fair and lovely DH just shot me a txt basically implying I've gone radio silent again...

To tell the truth I've just been busy as hell and things aren't slacking off...

For instance...
I was in Phoenix a couple weeks back-
While there, I got a command performance to help do an install near The Mothership in Durham NC. The project has been bandied about for weeks- but someone finally pulled the trigger.
It went something like this:
Boss: "The moved up the install- has to be done by the morning of the 25th. Just go straight to RDU from Phoenix."
TBG: "Gah."
Project Manager from The Mothership: "Oh, By the way- we can only work between 7:00pm and 7:00am to do the install."
This he says a day before I leave Phoenix to go to NC.
So, we lose a day of install, plus we have to change phase to do the install.

Once on-site in NC time doesn't stand still while I am trying to sleep through the housekeeping staff banging on my door- ignoring the DND sign AND the instruction to the front desk NOT to clean the room.
No... I get emails and phone calls all through the day...
Most notably-
Slaw: "Hey- can you go to Toronto next week?
TBG: *sigh* "Sure."
(Slaw wouldn't ask unless he's in a bind. So I'm heading to Toronto next week.)
Boss: "Hey- we need you to go to Singapore to do a site survey."

 Boss: "They want you to go in mid August..."
 I have issues with this...

1. Singapore in August- For Constant Readers who are geographically challenged, Singapore is right (and I mean like 1.3 degrees) off the equator.
I think I'd probably rather be on the motorcycle in the desert.

2. Mid August is The Perfect Child's 21st Birthday.
I have already been assigned Designated Driver and Protector of Virtue for The PC, The Woman and the Gaggle of Celebrants who will be in town for the festivities.
Word around the campfire says that St. Augustine is ground zero for a weekend of overindulgence. Film at 11.

3. I also have a gig lined up in the Canary Islands for Aug 24.

Well... Someone else (Hector the Connector) can do the Canary Islands.
And I got them to push back off the from the Weekend of Debauchery in St Augustine.

But I'll have to bring a towel 'cause I'm going to perspire like a R. Kelly on a playground as I do this survey...

So... Back to the Mothership-

We're working in a small gymnasium, installing cable and equipment -
Everything going to plan... All cables and hardware work right the first time.
(Very unusual.)
I'm running extra cables for additional hardware and make a misstep and put my left leg  knee-deep into a air handler plenum. The kind that is constructed out of the metal studs that are lined with broken glass and fish hooks...

So it looks like I have been a chew-toy for a Great White, leaving pools of blood randomly around the site...
We finally finished, clean up and head out around 4 am on Friday.
I get a couple hours sleep then start driving back to Jax.

And the phone rings-
Slaw: "Hey- WTT needs someone to go to..."
TBG: "Just so you're not surprised - I've not had a whole lotta sleep in the last week and I'm about 2 quarts low on blood. Before you ask- see if you can find someone else to do whatever it is you need. If you have absolutely NO OTHER OPTIONS, I'll do it-
But it will cost you."
They found another option...

While I was away my new fairings arrived from Guangzhou! Yay!

So I've been spending a blissful couple days at home working on the FJR, doing the fit-up on the new fairings, rewiring the lights, installing new farkles and generally cleaning up the old girl before buttoning up the new Tupperware on her.

Between that and attending meetings about Singapore (Really? You're booking me on Malaysian Air? You're shitting me, right?") and NBA stuff, all is right with the world.



Old NFO said...

When you get there DO NOT go to the Long Bar and get a Singapore Sling, they are about $40 now days... And they F'ed up the bar remodel... And no gum. Period... And remember, no spitting either! Glad you're getting the bike back together! For St. Augustine, we used to just hire a limo... easier (as long as we could keep the driver from drinking)... :-)

kx59 said...

Singapore vs. Desert: Agreed, at least in the desert sweat evaporates.
"All cables and hardware work right the first time.": you should have bought a lotto ticket instead.
"constructed out of the metal studs that are lined with broken glass and fish hooks.": yeah sorry about that, clients don't want to spend any money on shit you can't see in a building. At least it didn't get "value engineered" down to rusty WWII surplus safety razor blades.
On a more serious note, "WTF"?

P.S., Preaching to the choir I'm sure, but the 21st birthday thing is at the top of the priority list yes? We all grow old...and sleep...and if fortunate actually need a will. just sayin'.
P.P.S. I apologize. It is the cocktail hour. Please don't hit me too hard the next time you are in town. :)

jon spencer said...

Just looked at a old receipt, I paid 8.40 Singapore dollars for Singapore Sling.
But that was back in 1975.

Old NFO said...

Jon- Yep, bout $4 US... I was there in 75 also...

Luc said...

If you have a minute, read this blog entry from an AA pilot on is take of MH370

you're welcome.

Ben Catoe said...

Dang dude, you need to use the word no occasionally.

Side note, You people keep receipts from 1975?