Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dunn Trial & Armchair Legal Activist Morons

Jeebus Pete!

The jury finally came back with verdicts on the Michel Dunn trial...
They did convict on 3 counts on 2nd degree attempted murder, and one count of "throwing missiles" but the jury was hung on the 1st degree murder charge.
 (Read all about it here at Legal Insurrection...)

Here's what grinds my gears-
No one I know has ever offered one word in support of Dunn's position or his actions.
Even my most rabid 2A proponents, my Open Carry advocates, and even the folks that I know are just waaaay over to the right of the cultural spectrum - Not one has ever said-
"Yep. I'da done the exact same thing. Dunn's my hero!"
The whole thing has been a pretty sad affair.

As with the Zimmerman/Martin trial, the label on the tin was NOT what was actually in the package... Just as Z/M was not "White Guy Guns Down Skittle-Eating 10-Year-Old Choirboy", the Dunn trial wasn't exactly "Racist Shot My Baby Because Music Was Too Loud."

I personally think that Ms. Corey once again 'overcharged' - the same thing occurred in the Z/M trial. On this case, she will go back and spend another shit-ton of taxpayer money to re-try him on the same charges. A do-over, if you will...

But it seems to me there is an entire storm brewing for the Low-IQ sector that seems not to have a firm grasp on what a hung jury (and resultant mistrial on the charges) implies.

Folks out there on Twitter (via Twitchy) are just blowing up...

Dumbassery on parade... But then, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Sadly- Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one and most of them stink.
Twitter, unfortunately, lets way too many people circulate their stinky opinions among people that really don't care.

Y'know what doesn't make sense? You happy assholes.
Learn about case, the charges and the actual disposition before you shoot your mouth keyboard off.

Oh Desi... if it was only that easy to get away from the rest of you blue-state idjits.

Sorry- no. Nice try.

The last part of this one is closest to the mark...
Not necessarily the Justice System failing - Just Angela Corey, trying to make headlines and to make up for 'mistakes' in how she handled the Z/M trial.

Ok... Back to square one.
(Is there a way to make it so that if a mistrial is declared in a trial, the $$$ for a second trial comes out of the prosecutor's own pocket?)



Old NFO said...

My problem with the whole mess is he left the scene, never called 911... That in itself is wrong... And the ones that tell the story FIRST usually win. But it IS Florida, and it IS Jacksonville... sigh

The Big Guy said...

There are several levels of FAIL here.
The two items you cite are the biggest, but the overall situation is wrong too.
The whole confrontation was wrong.

In my estimation, when you CC, you have to have super-thick skin, and be willing to overlook a lot of crap.
You CANNOT (EVER!) instigate anything.