Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cordless Phones, Luggage & Pressure Cookers Oh My!

...or, "TBG, Please come to the lobby; A nice man from DHS is here to see you."

So... There I was, minding my own business, trying to buy a GSM cell phone for an upcoming gig...

Oh look. $70. Exactly what I need.

Wait... What's that in the side bar?
Pressure cookers!
Holy crap.  I'm outta here... Clear cache, erase cookies.
Man, I wish I had set Firefox to private browsing mode before hitting this site...

Which reminds me... 
Where was I reading that someblogger (Cough!*KX59*Cough!) was looking to buy a pressure cooker?



kx59 said...

Oh thanks.

I bet I'm on an FBI watch list now.

the only thing that blew up in it was the first pot roast I tried to cook.
Actually, it came out like a rock. I was a bit rusty at pressure cooking. got my chops back though. Next one came out fork tender.

North said...

The real problem isn't the background check for buying pressure cookers at a store, it is the Yard Sale Loophole. Did you know that I can just up and sell you a pressure cooker without the government even knowing that you now have illegal assault cookery?

This country is going to pot.

Old NFO said...

LOL, you in trouble now boy! :-)

kx59 said...

@ North: laughing my ever loving ass off :-)

Windy Wilson said...

It's not just the pressure cooker! You have a number of terroristic bomb making materials in your bathroom, under your kitchen sink, and in the garage thanks to that remodeling job last year.

The Big Guy said...

Between the cleaning supplies in the shed and my reloading stuff, man I'd be in a world of hurt if "they" decided I needed to be investigated.

Yard Sale Loophole. Ha!
Love it.