Thursday, February 28, 2013

"And then depression set in..."

I've gotta tell you, I am starting to despair regarding the political process in Florida and in the US in general...

I am hammered every day by bloggers insisting that I call or write my elected officials regarding this or that topic. In the election cycle I am urged to get out and vote, and make sure all my loved ones and pets get out and vote too...

Know what?
I have come to the conclusion that the road to hell is paved with wasted effort.
Seems like I call and I write and I vote and it just doesn't make any difference.

Are we making a difference? It doesn't seem like it.

I would think that elected REPRESENTATIVES would REPRESENT us when we tell them what our opinion is. From some of the canned and generic responses I have received form these bottom-feeders I get the impression their mindset is "I know you this is what you THINK you want, but I know much better than you what you need, so I'll just go ahead and do what I think should be done, and to hell with you and your piss-ant opinions."

On a whim, I have contacted one of my State Senators and asked the question:
Do you keep statistics when people call or write in with their opinions on issues,
and if so, is it just basic 'tally-stroke' for or against, or are there additional demographics?

And finally - are these results available to the public, or will I need a FOIA request to get a look at the results?

I wonder if I will get a response...?



Bob S. said...


I understand your despair and frustration. I don't think our representatives are listening to us very much. What's sad is we are to blame. We, as in the general public, normally don't tell them how to vote, what policies we want. So they started thinking they led and we followed.

They are humans after all.

What I've determined is I can't change what they do. I can't 'force' them to listen...but I would be negligent in my responsibilities if I didn't try.

I would be failing in two ways; trying to influence my representatives and failing to tell those seeking to oppress me just how badly that will go.

In the end, it is my principles I'm standing up for even if the world no longer values them.
In the end, even if I am go down - I want to go down swinging and holding my head high. Because I've done what I feel I should.

Do what is right for you; call don't call, write don't write. Listen to those urging you to do something and decide what is right for TBG.

Old NFO said...

My bet is you will NEVER see that ratio... Just sayin...

The Big Guy said...

I had a case of fat fingers this AM-
My man Doubletrouble took the time out of his busy day and left a comment:

Representatives representing *you*, a citizen?
Silly boy...

And I, in my mostly-somnolent state accidently pushed "Delete" instead of "Publish".


And I did it again... to Famous the KX59, no less...
He opined:
Frustrating yes?
We have a mountain of shit to move with a fish fork to turn things around, but just remember, you are not alone. There a millions of us.


Let me respond to everyone-

I am with you...
(And I don't mean I'm just standing right here with you... I am WITH you.)

And I write and call. And vote. And proselytize. And try to move Heaven and Earth.
But sometimes I feel like Sisyphus...
Frustration dulls any feeling of accomplishment you get for trying to do the right thing.
Doesn't mean I'll stop, though.

Yeah... Not taking bets on that.

I know.
And my first wife said she loved me 'til death do us part.
I believed her, too.
I hold her in about as much esteem as I do most politicians.

"...a mountain of shit to move with a fish fork"
What a lovely Texican metaphor...
Yeah- there are millions of us.
And they ignore us at their peril.

But ignore us they do... Sadly.

But time will tell.