Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the Lady in Line Behind Me....

Preparing for some much-needed recoil therapy on Sunday AM...
Stopped  by Wally World on the way home.

Shopping list:
2 boxes of .44 Magnum
2 boxes of 9mm

Impulse buy:
6 red velvet cupcakes (for TWWKMT and the PC...)

So, cupcakes and boolits.

I heard a sniff of derision behind me as I put my goods on the checkout stand.

A lady who looks like a candidate for the People of WalMart website is looking at my items, then gives me the hairy eyeball.

Judge me all you want, honey.

We're all gonna die someday and when I go people are gonna say:
"I knew he'd come to a bad end. We all saw it coming."


1 comment:

kx59 said...

Bad end.
Yep them Velvet cupcakes will do that to you.
Your devoted readers demand a full AAR from the shoot.
My personal request is an action pic of the .44 hand cannon.