Monday, June 04, 2012


(LA, May 18)

You know those homeless guys that hold up signs that something like "I need $5 for a beer - At least I'm honest!" ?

I ran into one of those last night...

Unwashed homeless dude came up to me as I was walking to the hotel...

Homeless dude: "Hey man, I ain't gonna lie to to ya.
Can I have 20 bucks for a blow job?"

I thought for a second then had the perfect reply-
Yours Truly: "Well, I don't know... Are you any good?"

Homeless Dude freaked out.
HD: "Uhhh...You...I...Wha..?"

I continued into the hotel.

HD: "Wait man! That's usually good for a buck or two. Man! Ain't chu go no sense of humor?"

The hotel valet that was watching almost blew a gasket laughing...


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