Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Such A Tool...

I loves me a good tool.

Particularly when they are used to cause mayhem and destruction.

I was recently in search of such a tool when I found this little jewel...
There is an 18" version that's even cooler!

Mmmmm. So round, so firm, so fully-packed.

It's got huge, sharp...My God man, look at the bones!

Of course, after a little more perusal of the Stanley website I found an even more impressive WMD... TBG want! (drool drool)

Click to embigginate and enjoy in glorious full resolution.

Bring on the Zombie Nation!

No, really.
If I could swing it, I would make this my Gibbs Rule 9 device for everyday carry.

(It's still in the vaporware state, but with they are in mass-distribution, I'm soooo getting one.)

Seeing that Stanley is really making some hip tools, I poked about a bit more and sadly came upon this...

I'm sure there is a use for it, but I'll be damned if 20 or more of their offerings wouldn't be better than this item, that looks for all intents and purposes to be "broken by design".


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Naw This is whatcha want.