Wednesday, June 06, 2012


The Woman Who Knows Most Things was running the vacuum the other evening -
It's a dual purpose task- it cleans the floor and gives The Dark Menace some exercise - the dog constantly challenges the process.
No amount of conditioning has been able to break her of her ceaseless jousting with the vacuum.

Yours Truly: "Really? Running the vac at 9:00 at night?"
TWWKMT: "A woman's work is never done."
YT: "Hm. I've heard that... I guess that's why women get paid so much less than men."

The swelling has gone down quite a bit...
I should be able to see out of my left eye by some time next week.



Luc said...

My favourite stupid remark joke is:

Wife looking at her breasts in mirror while husband is reading in bed: "You think I should get a boob job?"

Husband: "Why don't you rub some toilet paper over them, it worked on your ass"

It's an oldie but a goodie.

Southern Belle said...

Oh you are a brave soul TBG... LOL..

That was funny.