Monday, June 25, 2012


I was sitting with some of the guys discussing wives and girlfriends.
(Is there any other topic when men and booze get together?)

One of the guys, the perennial bachelor in our group had a list of prerequisites that he looks for in The Perfect Girl.

Perennial Bachelor: "She needs to be beautiful, intelligent, gentle, thoughtful, innocent, trustworthy and sensible."
YT: "Wow. You rattled that off pretty quickly. Been working on that list for awhile, eh?"
Bachelor: "Yeah."
YT: "Well, you're setting the bar pretty high with that list...
Mind if I blog that? I won't mention your name, because, you know, they'll kill you you sexist pig."
PB: "You have no idea."

I did get the idea when I wrote down his list in my notebook...


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