Monday, June 18, 2012

Spending Issues

Overheard in the hotel bar last night:

Buddy: " what the hell is the problem this time?"

Depressed Guy: "Spending money on her is no problem...but when I want something..."

B: "Do tell."

DG: "We spent $5,000 on a breast augmentation for her...She loved her new boobs."

B: "And..."

DG: "Well, she was still hung up on her appearance, so I got her a $3,500 nose job. Then she was really ecstatic."

B: "MmmHm. What else?"

DG: "Wound up with the hat trick- got her liposuction for $4,000."

B: "Wow. A complete overhaul. And she had had a problem with you spending all the cash on her?"

DG:"Not exactly. I spent $300 for a blowjob for myself and she went flippin' mental..."


1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Hoo boy... THAT is a loser if I ever heard one...