Friday, June 08, 2012

It's Called A Lie

(Phoenix - 5/15)

Listening to Anderson Cooper on CNN in the Concierge Lounge in the hotel in Phoenix...
(They wouldn't let me change the channel to something more entertaining like FoodTV or even HGTV.... Hell, I'd rather watch the hotel's promo channel or CSPAN than Ted's Communist Noose Network.)

He was going through some talking points on the current hack job commercial from TeamObama about R⋆money...
When discussing the accuracy of the commercial he used the phrase "factually non-truthful" when he reviewed the actual elements of the commercial.... I wonder if that is a TeamObama-approved way of saying, "yeah, they lied, but it's OK because First Black/Gay/Woman President!... nudge-nudge wink-wink".

Factually Non-truthful.

We call it a LIE where I come from...

It does fit in with the rest of Team0bama doublespeak...
"Jobs Saved" or the recent head-scratcher "Lives touched" by The Stimulus.

While researching terms I came across an interesting juxtaposition of items...
At in the FAQ section glossary I found the following:

Funds Announced by an Agency
Funds that have been publicly announced as available to entities outside of the federal government.  Not all available funds are announced publicly. For example,  the funds going to a project started prior to the Recovery Act that are commingled with the project’s Recovery funds will not be announced publicly before being made available to a recipient).  The Funds Announced figure should not be viewed as the total funding that an agency has made available.

Funds Awarded (Obligated by the federal agency)  to a Recipient
Funds that have been made available to a recipient.

Funds Paid Out (Gross Outlay) by an Agency
Funds that a federal agency has paid out to a recipient.

Funds Received by an Recipient
Funds received by a recipient in the form of a federal award.

The use of intentional deception or false representation for undeserved monetary gains by an individual or organizational entity.

Emphasis mine.


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