Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow. I'm staying at the IBC tonight...

Teh crazies are running wild in the streets of Vancoober.
Yes, Canada won the gold medal hockey game.

Jeebus. Why couldn't it have been anyone other than Crosby...

Things are getting nasty on the US/CAN front, if the entries on
TFLN are an indicator:
(940):Canada: barely better than America at a sport they invented.

The city shut down alcohol sales at 2:00pm today.
Doubtful that it will do any good...

The aerial video feeds are showing the streets between here and my hotel are just jammed with people. It looks like New Years Eve in Times Square out there.
They've shut down the bus system because the streets are just too full of people.


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Timmeehh said...

Jeebus, can't we all just get along?