Monday, February 15, 2010

Delays at the ROO.

We've been amused by issues at the Richmond Olympic Oval.
They have 3 Olympia Resurfacers... and they are destroying the ice.
(IOC official to NBC Talking Head Dan Jantzen: "It's NOT a Zamboni! Quit calling it that.")
VANCOUVER, Feb 15 (Reuters) - A mechanical problem with the ice resurfacing machine delayed Olympic speed skating action for the second day in a row causing more than an hour-long interruption in Monday’s men’s 500 metres race.
The battery-powered Olympia Ice Resurfacer broke down while preparing the ice for the second half of the opening heat of the men’s 500.
Battery powered! Well, there's yer problem...

I can just see Slim Pikins looking up from under the hood of the thing saying
"Someone's gonna hafta ride back to town for a shitload of D-Cells."

Greenest Orimpics Evar, Baby...


1 comment:

Bug said...

Correct, its not a Zamboni... if it was, it would work.

hmm, so how much power was used to power the arena lights, etc for the extra time waiting for them to charge back up, not too mention the embarrasment.

Also, what dumbass was in charge of calculating (and testing) the battery life. I am a Florida boy, but I'm pretty sure that the time needed to resurface the ice is fairly consistent, so it should have been an easy test.

Green FAIL.