Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From the Funny Papers

DouchePro 2 blogging as I wait for St. Ass, so you'll have to google the references yourself... Inserting links are a pain, so you're on your own.

Some "I wonder" items from USAToday:
From an article on airline FAA fines, a guy working on a Continental plane was "ingested" by the running engine...
Cause: He didn't read the manual.

So, you need instructions to tell you not to stand in front of a running jet engine?

Article: Air Force provides space for wicca.
there's a circle of stones on a hilltop on the USAF Academy grounds for the wicca/druid crowd to practice their chosen brand of worship...
I'm wondering when they will set up a pirate ship for the pastafarians to drink beer in celebration of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Article: Urkel's going to Indonesia in March.

So, will someone ask him about filling out the school admittance forms that said he was a muslim and a citizen of Indonesia.
(I mean, he filled out the papers... It has to be true, right?)

Let's see...what else...
The TSA (Thousands Standing Around) says there will be 500 body scanners installed by 2011...
Two thoughts:
One would think the best places for these units to be installed is foreign airports with flights coming to the US.
Second, it really won't be completely effective until every person in every airport gets scanned
Which ain't gonna happen.

That's all from the first section, more if I get a chance at lunchtime.


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