Saturday, February 13, 2010

This just in... Problems at ROO

[2:47:25 PM] SGK says: We have a leak.
[2:47:33 PM] TBG says: ???
[2:48:08 PM] SGK says: Sewage
[2:48:16 PM] TBG says: In the trailer?
[2:49:07 PM] SGK says: Restrooms, leaking in the lot, working it's way to the trailer
[2:49:16 PM] TBG says: A Shitcano. Nice.
[2:49:43 PM] TBG says: Like a volcano, only different.
[2:49:44 PM] SGK says: yea and, response is, well hey the rain will wash it away
[2:50:55 PM] TBG says: It really is The Poo now...

I kill me.


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