Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Going To Get Replaced On The Olympics Team Jingalls, if this proposal goes through.

Pole dancing could be recognized as a sport and headed to the Olympics

No, seriously.

A group of pole-dance advocates is hoping for a "test" event in 2012 and a more formal pitch four years after that, in Rio de Janeiro, according to The Associated Press.

"It’s just a matter of time before pole dancing gets Olympic recognition," says Ania Przeplasko of Hong Kong, founder of the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association.

"There will be a day when the Olympics see pole dancing as a sport," she told The Associated Press. "The Olympic community needs to acknowledge the number of people doing pole fitness now. We’re shooting for 2012."

Some dancers aren’t so sure about pole dancing at the Olympics because they worry that the sensual aspect of the discipline would be destroyed, and that old-school pole dancers might be pushed aside by gymnasts, circus performers and Chinese acrobats who could easily pick up the moves.

If this happens I doubt we'll have problems trying to fill out our staff roster for the 2012 Games in London.



Anonymous said...

LMAO It's alot harder than it looks.

The Mighty Skunk said...

It's certainly more of a "sport" than curling or halfpipe snowboarding, and at least as much of a sport as figure skating.

Borepatch said...

I like the bit about how gymnasts are going to cut in on the action. On the other hand, the pole dancing team has a built-in sponsorship mechanism.

Just make sure to band up all the ones ...

Anonymous said...

Considering the age of some gymnasts... that sucks the fun right out of the event.

We won't even go to "Men's Pole Dancing."