Monday, February 01, 2010


Is there anyone that this clueless community organizer WON'T show obeisance to?

I mean, c'mon...

First it's the sheet-wearing Saudi king.

How LOW can you GO?

Then he goes down on Emperor Akihito..

Urkel showing off his tattoo...
"Look honey. It says "Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing."

And during another part of the Asian All-Apology Tour...

Urkel does the "Cringe & Scrape" for Wen Jiabao...

And now-
During an apology to the people of Florida for all the injuries and grievances perpetrated by the Capitalist Dogs of the GOP...

Bowing to the Mayor of Tampa?
"Here's a couple billion ObamaDollars so you can build a train that no one will ride."

What kind of doormat is this guy?

Foreign royalty, premiers and domestic politicians get symbolic acts of deference, weakness, and appeasement.

What does the American Public get?
Lies, lectures, half-truths, thuggery, theft and utter bullshit.




Travis Smith said...

"What does the American Public get?
Lies, lectures, half-truths, thuggery, theft and utter bullshit." I'll agree to this if you will stipulate that we get the same thing no matter who is in office.
Oh, and who doesn't like a high speed train? Are you afraid we'll lose our dependence on foreign oil? I'd rather spend a few billion in the US then send it to Saudi Arabia.

Luc said...

Reading about all your adventures when flying, I would have thought that you'd be a high speed train advocate. But again, if you're talking about the Tampa-Orlando route, I wouldn't think it would be very practical for Floridians but would cater to the tourists trade maybe? If so, let Mickey pay for it ;).

Joanna said...

I used to think the bowing indicated a fundamental disconnect with the uniqueness of the American spirit.

Now I think it just means he's an idiot.

The Mighty Skunk said...

Google the phrase "Bush Bowing" to see photos of your beloved Village Idiot doing exactly the same thing to exactly the same people, as well as kissing the Saudi King right on the mustache.

I suppose the only thing that would make you happy would be if, instead of shaking hands and bowing, Obama drew a .44 and dry-fired...

Joanna said...

Who's dry firing? I say load that puppy up.

Bug said...

Ok, so I did google it. The pics and video that came up are all from the same event. I'm not sure that leaning forward to have something placed around your neck counts as bowing. Kissing on the cheeks is a custom in many places.

Contrast that to Obama bowing (and denying it) and WTF is up with bowing to the mayor of a US city?

I am not going to remotely defend everything Bush did but I gotta call shenanigans on saying 'Bush bowed too' based on this.