Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Fourteen, Getting Punchy @ the IBC

We're getting a little stir crazy here in the bowels of the IBC...

We're watching the start of Women's Figure Skating (Free Skate) and I trot out the old jokes, which are bound to offend anyone walking by The Lair.

You remember those jokes from the '94 Olympics:

Tonia Harding's new restaurant - Club Nancy

The KFC Kerrigan Combo - Two small breasts and a bruised thigh.

Harding's new sponsorship deal - for Lucky Strike cigarettes.

Tonya's phone number 1-800-#*#-*###

BiV is also chastising me as we watch the skaters...
"You're going to get banned from watching them, just like you did when you were watching women's gymnastics back in Beijing."

Yeah- I'm going to hell... The one reserved for pervs who watch the Olympics for the figure skaters & gymnasts, and for people who talk at the theater.


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