Friday, February 12, 2010

So Close...



T-Rav said...

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE - so by this do you mean: 'Come and take them,' or perhaps 'over my dead body,' or 'bring it on,' or 'come and get it.' Yes I googled it.

The Big Guy said...

It's been on my sig for over a year now. Did you just notice it?

And do you REALLY want to go there?

Let me give you a preview:

The extended reply will begin with
"You are a shining example of the problem with you liberal morons..."
And I will go on to point out the inability of People Like You to grasp implied subtext and the lessons of history.
I'll follow it up with a thinly-veiled insult about your limited vocabulary and substandard education, which is exemplified in your "Everything Bad is Bush's Fault" mantra that you chant any time even a hint of Urkel-centric stupidity and corruption comes up, as opposed to discussing the ACTUAL TOPIC. Specific cases can be cited, if you like.

I will close the reply with some specific commentary that even though you consider yourself a "hunter" (because you go out and kill Cervidae upon occasion) and have a deep regard for your 2nd Amendment Rights, you are actually a round heeled (look it up, Einstein) Democrat that actually believes the pap they are spoon-feeding you and when Urkel's National Civil Security Force comes knocking you will hand over your .243 along with any remaining dignity you ever possessed with a smile.

A footnote or postscript to the message will point out that Constitution was written to ordain and establish important limitations on the government, and to protect the fundamental, God-given rights of United States citizens, but that Constitutional Scholar Urkel is busy re-defining our Constitutional rights (i.e. "The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms." at )
and once he's finished with the 2nd, it will be easy to subvert the rest of the Bill of Rights, in theory "for the good of all men", but in actuality "for the good of all Democrats and the Entitled Idjits that vote them into office on the promise of bread, circuses and rainbow-farting Unicorns."

I'll sign off with a sarcastic dig at Penn State, Beekeepers and mouth-breathing pencil-necked neo-maxi-zoomed-dweebs such as yourself.



PS - If you insist on poking the bear during somewhat stressful periods (i.e. a period of 16-18 hour days whilst sitting next St.Ass for a significant portion there of, and fighting insane Olympic traffic the rest of the time) you are just Asking For Trouble.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

T-Rav said...

I like poking a stick at the sleeping bear. Problem is getting him back to sleep.

E Pluribus Unum