Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Super Secret Coffee Spot

St. Ass has found the Super-Secret Coffee Spot at the IBC.

The hoipolli get their java from the hotpots in the commissary...
Add your own cream and sugar, yadda yadda yadda...

But...hidden back behind Tech and the BOC, there is a little Micro-StarbucksFourbucks, dispensing custom coffee beverages.

St. Ass returns to the IDS Lair with cup in hand.

St.Ass: "Oh boy! Latte wiz ze triple shot of espresso. Zis will be good."
(in a Fourbucks Tall cup, with skim milk and no sugar, just for the record.)

I give him 30 minutes before he's bouncing off the walls and heading for the bathroom...


1 comment:

Annie in SC said...

He's got excellent taste. Years ago, when I used to drink those a lot, that's exactly how I'd order them except when I ordered a quad so they didn't waste the fourth shot. Made the baristas at my local store give me double-takes and "are you sure" looks. Look, if I'm going to order a coffee drink, I want to taste the coffee. I like it. And I liked the buzz, too.

These same baristas were the ones who told me that they call decaf/non-fat coffee drinks a "why-bother" which made me laugh.