Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perceptions of Sarah

Teh News runs a picture in the paper...

Sarah Palin

Actual picture

What Slaw sees:

What T-Rav sees:

Slaw- Ease up on the red meat...
TRav- Knock off the estrogen shots.



T-Rav said...

Actually I see the first picture. Other than being great at catchy phrases (hopey changey - hockey mom), her only talent is being mildly attractive. Nothing would please me more than to have her as our next republican nominee. Then Obama would be guaranteed another four years.

Luc said...

I must be a conservative, gun totting, red meat eater then because I see what Slaw sees. Or maybe, it's just that I'm a horny old bastard. God she's hot.

Bug said...

another 4 years of what? He's had a filibuster proof majority and still can get anything done. I have to keep asking the same question, but please name anything he's ever accomplished besides academics. You can gripe about the Bush's all you want, but his administration seems hell bent on bankrupting the country. I won't lay all that at his feet, Congress gets to share it with him, but he's supposed to be the leader.

I see this as a big problem, that he's never run a business, never had to meet a payroll or been held responsible for managing people and money.

and yes Luc, she certainly brings the whole 'hot for teacher' thing back.

Slaw said...

Are those glasses real? They look fake to me. Plus that ruler is really big. I don't ever remember seeing her with that big of a ruler before.

The Big Guy said...

Denial - It's not just a river in Egypt, dude.

TRav- Only talent is being mildly attractive?
She's a hunter, man.
Probably better than you.
She gets no points for that?

And if we're scoring people on "talents" - the only talent your boy Urkel has is the ability to read a teleprompter...

So let's re-evaluate how you are scoring things, mmm-kay BeeBoy?


The Big Guy said...

Oh yeah...

"...horny old bastard. God she's shopped."

There... Fixed it for you.

(Wanted to be sure you know- I know how it is when your old-guy glasses get steamed up.)

TBG - Just in case..._