Thursday, February 04, 2010

Marketing in Vancouver

I have made allusions to the recreational drug-permissiveness of Vancouver...
We had a run-in with an aggressive marketer of the local herb-of-choice as we walked to the IBC the other morning.
An older (than me) guy started walking next to us as we made our way up Robson Street toward Burrard...
"Hey man, we got dope here. The best in the world!" he said enthusiastically.
"I'll bet you do." I said, against my better judgment.
Usually I just ignore them, or give them my best "I Am Not Someone With Whom To Fuck" look. Talking back just encourages them.
"Oh yeah, man. I can hook you up."
We were stopped by a red crossing light.
Good sense once again took hold and we didn't respond. Silent- eyes forward.
"Man- I got whatever you need." he offered.
It was difficult not ask him concerning his inventory of .380 ammunition...
"I got pot, I got harder stuff... If I ain't got it, I can get it."
The light changed and we were off...
Mr Salesman gave up on us and turned his attention elsewhere.
So far I've been accosted by 3 dealers (WTF?), 1 pimp and 1 really nasty hooker.
We'll just chalk it up to the "Spirit of the Games"...

In actuality, these efforts have not been too aggressive-
In China things were/are much worse.

Vancouver: "Dope? I got yer dope. Hookers? I can get what you want." End of marketing effort.

China: "DVD? CD? Ro-ex? Coach bag? What kind DVD you want? I get new movies! Coach? Prada? Why-Ess-Err, I got bags. Mont Blanc pen? You need Mont Blanc!"
Continues to walk next to you, shoving a tattered sheet with watched and fashion bags in front of your face. "Gorf crub! Carraways! What you want? DVD? Watch? Got arr kinds of watches..."
This goes on until he reaches the end of his territory and another sidewalk salesman picks up the litany...
"DVD? Watch? Prada?..."
So I guess I should look on the bright side.

Today's T-Shirt of the Day...

Gotta find the store where I can get one of these...


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Sean McKinnon said...

Hey Jay, thanks for keeping me entertained in the weeks leading up to the games.

I arrive at the IBC on Monday, Feb 7 (yeah, I know, parachuting in at the last second), and am working in COMMs again.

I am keeping a blog again at, though it is a little (OK, a lot) more family oriented than yours (thought not nearly as entertaining I am sure).

Cheers - Sean